Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Very Traditional Japanese Meal

What is Japan without a taste of real authentic sushi? Stopped by for dinner at this traditional sushi place in Tokyo. The sushi was delicious, with every piece so delicately pressed and made.. my mouth still waters just thinking about that dinner. Yummers.....

Super humongous fish head, looks freaky but super duper yummy!!

yummmm =) and to top it off, mochi with peanut powder for dessert! <3>

If you are looking for some traditional Japanese food, not those cheap ones made by chinese people (lol!!), there is a really small cozy place in Kerrisdale in Vancouver called Ajisai.

2081 West 42nd Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.

or if you happen to live around Richmond, Kiyo Sushi is really authentic too.

Kiyo Sushi
11590 Cambie Street, #110
Richmond, B.C. V6X3Z5
(604) 214-1388

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